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Fair Play

People play at All Slots Casino because we promote fair play. That means when you play here, you will be able to review your game play and transactions to ensure that everything is 100% fair. We do this by employing two systems that were developed by Microgaming™, the leaders in online casino software.


Like an instant replay feature, PlayCheck lets you review your play at our casino. Essentially, it allows you to see the details of each game you have recently played. For example, you can log into the PlayCheck system and generate a report showing the outcome of all your spins on a session of slots or see the results of your blackjack hands.
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CashCheck is the foremost transaction reporting tool available for online casino players. This system provides a complete report, similar to a bank statement, of your cash transactions. This powerful tool allows you see all the money that you have wagered and all the money that you won. In addition, CashCheck reports clearly show how each and every transaction was made, for example via check, credit card, etc.
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